Top 5 Benefits of CCaaS

Does your business need Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)? 

Here are the top five ways your organization could benefit. 

Extraordinary Customer Service
The more respect you have for your customers’ time, the better – Nobody likes to wait on the phone. It’s even more frustrating to explain the same problem twice or connect with someone who can’t assist you. Contact Center Solutions guides the call correctly and efficiently passes information to the next agent. 

Customer experience
Contact Center Solutions let a supervisor monitor a call. The supervisor could use the “whispering” feature and talk into an agent’s ear without the customer hearing it. “Barging” allows them to step into the call and to take over. Either way, the customer will benefit from the more experienced agent and have a better call experience. 

Integration with CRM software and other applications
Analyze call performance data to help identify the best times to call, schedule staff, call wait times and more. With every call, you can add a new customer to your database. 

Integration with social media
Many customers would rather Tweet, Like, and Chat than make a call. Contact Center Solutions can monitor and filter social media and detect who needs special attention. Your customers can contact your agents directly from any social media platform. 

Distribution rules
Ordering calls can be completely customized based on data tracking and analysis on success rate, call length, skill sets, and more. You can also ensure that your customers receive the same agent each and every time. 

Five essential things to look for in a Cloud Contact Center Solution.

You have heard all the buzz words – IVR, ACD, CRM – and more. We understand that the alphabet soup can seem overwhelming. Let’s narrow down the process a bit. 

Service Reliability & Uptime
There is no metric more important than reliability. Every minute of your contact center downtime can result in substantial losses. Looks for a CCaaS provider with at least 99.99 percent reliability. Contact center solutions offer geographic redundancy to increase reliability.

Easy to Use Admin and Dashboard user interface.
If the agent interface is complicated and challenging to use, customer information may not be adequately recorded. Check that the software’s advanced features can still be used by beginners. 

A 360 Degree View of Your Customer
A good CCaaS solution relies on data coming from multiple sources. The agent can then use that information to serve the customer better. Predicting future needs will be easier if we know the customer’s past actions and present concerns.

Advanced AI Features and Automated Tasks
The important stuff should be handled by your agent. The boring stuff can be handled by a good contact center solution. 

Security Measures
With identity theft and leaked emails on the rise, it is crucial to have the proper encryption in place to protect your data. All financial and medical communications/data are tightly regulated. Feel confident that your customers will trust you with their personal information. 

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