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A live operator fully manages your audio conference call from start to finish. Typical uses include investor relations calls, corporate communications, special events, and crisis communications. These are professionally managed and personalized to your organizational requirements. Events calls can range from 5 to several thousand participants.

Operators answer the calls, capture information from the caller, introduce the speaker, handle question and answer sessions and more. Operator Assisted Conference Call Services are best suited for important events that require perfect execution.

We'll help with the scheduling, organizing and the format of your call. Help with securing the event. Work with you on how you want callers to enter and what info you want captured from the participants.
We'll administer the call, including speaker introductions and Question and Answer sessions. Help manage any pre and post-call sub conferences. Then provide post-call data from your event.

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How it works

Customized to your needs of course

Before the Call

  • Schedule your operator-assisted conference calls.
  • Plan and discuss your requirements and the format of the call
  • Decide on features such as call entry method, speaker introductions and Q&A.
  • Send event invitations
  • Have a pre-conference with the operator before the event to review and finalize any details.

During the Event

  • Greet and collect any data (if required) from the participants as they enter the call.
  • The operator starts the conference recording.
  • The operator introduces the speaker or follows the requested format for the event.
  • The host can communicate with the operator in the background at any time during the call to provide any special instructions or requests.
  • The operator manages the Question and Answer session (if requested) and mutes and unmutes only those in the queue.

After the Call

  • We Provide:
  • The recordings or transcripts of the call.
  • Data collected from the participants.
  • Call logs

Dial in numbers in over 90 countries

Global Coverage & Support

Operator Assist coverage map

Features and Benefits

  • Professional, trained event call management for trouble-free conferencing
  • Full-service pre- and post-call options leave you free to focus on your message
  • Flexible dial-in options so you can choose what’s best for your audience
  • Password access and security screening protect confidentiality and conference control
  • Global Origination Service – enables callers to access the Event Call service from dozens of countries worldwide
  • Online event call management tools
  • Automated PIN entry option available for Event Express and Automated Event

enhanced services

Maximize the impact of your communications message with the following optional enhancements for Event Call and Event Express Call:

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