How UCaaS and CCaaS compare

This article describes how Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) compare and how they can work together. Contact center and unified communications have been around for a long time. In the past, they were separate systems that required separate hardware and installation. Things changed when cloud computing became available, allowing businesses to host their software on the internet instead of purchasing it outright.

Which is better? UCaaS vs CCaaS

The question is often asked: “Which is better?” That’s not an easy question because there are many factors involved in determining which solution is best for your business needs. Here are some things you should consider before making a decision. Are you a customer-facing organization? Do you deal with customers through multiple communication methods, such as Chat, Voice, or email? Do you need to be accessible at all times? If so, a CCaaS solution is a right choice for you. But if your company only needs voice or email communications, a UCaaS solution might suit your needs better.

Some businesses may want to combine both solutions because they have a diverse customer base. There may be different types of communication needs, which would require two separate systems that could get expensive. Some companies choose this route to create redundancy in their system and not rely on one form of technology over the other.

Improving your existing customer communication.

Can you improve on your existing customer communications by going to Contact Center? Understanding the different departments of your company and how they work is essential. We’ve all had those terrible customer experiences ourselves when dealing with other companies. Have you experienced being juggled around to different reps, explaining your situation repeatedly to the following agent, not to mention reciting your account number numerous times? Waiting on hold for too long and sometimes getting your call drop and having to start all over. Arrrgh!

Do you know that the majority of business interactions with customers are still done over the phone? That’s because it’s important to understand your customer needs before they need them. Building a relationship based on trust and reliability is what will make or break an organization in today’s digital age. Without having a well-developed contact center, you’ll be missing out on opportunities for customer satisfaction and even new business acquisition.

Contact centers have evolved into providing more than just customer service; they are often the front line of your business.

Make it easy for your customer!

In today’s connected world, we’re all using more than just voice. Video conferencing, instant messaging, email is common for most people, and we all have our preferences. Having multiple communication channels is critical to remain competitive.

Today’s leading CCaaS solutions have features like voice tone detection and detect a relaxed customer or an angry one and route the call accordingly. Voice analytics, cloud call recording and playback, VoIP phone numbers, agent chat systems are all part of a contact center. UCaaS providers often have these features, but some are more advanced than others. To answer the question “UCaaS or CCaaS?” it’s important to know what you need for your business before deciding which service is best for you and your company.

Integrating your CRM into Contact Center.

The customer record can automatically pop up based on the customer’s caller ID. Integrated Features like click to dial and automatic call logging. Customer service reps can see past interactions and be prompted to enter notes on each customer interaction.

Better Call Center Reporting

With either UCaaS to CCaaS, most providers have reporting build in. CCaaS reporting usually goes a step further and gives you a better view of how your customers are handled and their results.

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